Mansfield Seventh-Day Adventist School


Why Adventist Education?
It’s not easy growing up these days.
Young people face challenges, pressures and temptations unimaginable just a few years ago. In a world of turmoil and constant change, parents increasingly look to Adventist education to offer their children the tools they need to survive and succeed in this life—and for eternity.
Academically, the numbers speak for themselves:
  Adventist Schools Public Schools
% of graduates who attend college 85+ 66
% of graduates who complete college degrees 80+ 14
% of applicants accepted to medical schools 34 9
% of teachers certificated Nearly 100 58
Adventist student percentile performance on nationally normed tests: 70th percentile, or better than 70% of all schools taking the test nationwide, which includes public and private schools.
But some things—perhaps those that are most important—just can’t be measured in test scores and college completion rates. Around the world, in more than 6,709 schools and through the inspired efforts of more than 65,679 Adventist teachers, young lives experience critical transformation. It happens in morning worships. In earnest prayers. In community service projects and mission adventures. In so many little ways each day, our children find God and a future on their journey to excellence. And isn’t that worth everything?

Our Award Winning F.I.R.S.T. Lego League Robotics Team

Mansfield SDA School: Who Are We?
About the School
  • We are a small, accredited, multi-grade (K-8) Christian School.
  • Although small, we have excellent facilities, including: two well-resourced classrooms, full-sized gymnasium, kitchen facilities, libraries, playground, playing field, computers, and digital whiteboard.
  • With our low student-to-teacher ratio (two certified teachers and a teacher’s aide), students receive more individualized attention and an education that meets their unique needs.
  • The multi-grade classroom fosters a family atmosphere that helps children develop responsibility and excellent social skills.
  • Parents are valued partners in their child’s education.
  • We hold a student-centered philosophy of teaching as we help our students develop socially, emotionally, academically, and spiritually.
The Curriculum:
  • The curriculum at Mansfield Seventh-Day Adventist School is rigorous, engaging, and hands-on.
  • Our classes include an integrated language arts program, service learning opportunities, and STEM initiatives such as Lego robotics and film-making.
  • We teach the same subjects that are taught in the public schools, including special classes such as physical education, art, music, and technology.
  • In addition to daily worship and Bible classes, the teaching of Christian values and character can be found throughout our school’s curriculum.
Jr. F.I.R.S.T. Lego League Teams at our Jr. FLL Expo

Financing a Christian Education
How Much Will It Cost?
  • Tuition for MSDA School is $300 per month for 10 months.
What If I Need Assistance?
Tuition assistance may be available through one or more of the following resources:
  • Ed Choice Scholarship available from the state of Ohio. (This scholarship is currently available only for certain grade levels. Contact the school for more information.)
  • Needy student assistance available through donations from Mansfield SDA Church. (Application available upon request.)
How to Contact the School:
Printable Application