Mansfield Seventh-Day Adventist School


Persuasive Essay Avatars

With this Voki, Connie discusses her opinion on whether or not kids should be
allowed to eat in resturants without adults.

In this Voki, Tyler gives his opinion on whether children should be allowed to play
in the driveway at an apartment complex.

Loma Linda, the healthiest city in the country, is getting it's first McDonalds.
Students were assigned a point of view and wrote persuasive essays on the topic.
Here is Jake's essay.

Should Loma Linda allow a McDonald's? Here is Connie's essay.

Should students have to wear school uniforms? Hear Deauna's take on the issue.

Should kids be allowed to eat alone in resturants? Listen to Tony's opinion, here.

Check out Lindsey's thoughts on the same issue.

Animal Story Vokis

By Connie

By Tony